No more wardrobe struggles

Still struggling with a never-ending dilemma “what-to-wear” when you open your wardrobe? It normally happens when the first spring sun starts shining brightly, the temperature gradually rises to make us change our dull winter outfits into something brighter and lighter and preferably trendy. Without blowing your budget but empowering your wardrobe we offer a beautiful, elegant and timeless co..

2019-04-16 18:39:24
Looking good equals feeling good.

Effortlessly stylish, professionally crafted,undeniably elegant, our dresses are aimed at fashion-conscious women of all ages. We believe that to feel good is as important as to look good. Be creative, mix and match the dresses with various accessories depending on the mood and the occasion but the best one will always be your smile!..

2019-04-11 22:51:36
Spring mood

Empowered by femininity, our brand recognizes the need for apparel that feels great, looks timeless and stylish, fits perfectly and suits everyone. We developed our collection aimed at women who wish to feel confident, smart and stylish. All our garments are crafted expertly from high quality materials, with a great attention to every detail to make you feel elegant and yet comfortable, to impr..

2019-04-07 18:19:31
Fashion meets function

If you are looking for a balanced approach in choosing pieces for your wardrobe, where fashion meets function you are on the right way. We tried to combine both in our SS19 collection, moreover, the dilemma classic feminine vs sexy bold has been resolved! Our dresses leave so much space for creativity and imagination, wear them under a blazer for Monday morning, style them with elegant stilet..

2019-03-07 12:48:37
Invest in classic silhouette!

It is very hard not to daydream about anything else but..a dress when the spring is on the doorstep. If you are going to invest in a dress this season, make sure it’s a timeless classic silhouette! But where to start? Well...all in details. All the pieces of our SS19 collection are cut in a slim-fitting style, crafted from luxurious fabrics that add to it contemporary and aesthetic look and..

2019-03-05 23:12:20
Go beyond the limits!

The fashion world has long gone beyond any kind of framework or limitations. Do not be afraid to combine things of completely different styles and trends. Following the fashion is not the same as wearing all the trends at once and showing off to the public! The "most fashionable" items would not necessarily suit you. Just add a neat stylish accent. Not everyone can wear high-waist trousers or over..

2019-01-11 11:52:49

Being dressed spectacularly is not the same as sexy. A woman can look feminine without high heels and a deep-cut top. It is enough to wear straight-line dress with a coat or long jumper, add low-platform shoes (or boat shoes) and small accessories. Voila - you look stylish with this special feminine touch. Dressing with a bit of negligence is something that makes women look special, and this also ..

2019-01-07 00:12:46
Looking for ideal gift this festive season?

What will makes a woman smile? New perfume? Perhaps, but too ordinary, very predictable and doesn’t last long. Yet another jewellery set? Or a dress? We select the last option. Let’s be honest there are never too many dresses in woman’s wardrobe. Besides, this is the answer for a regular question “what to wear”. You can choose various accessories to go with our stylish dresses, thereby creat..

2018-12-10 11:52:52

What is your first association when you think of Christmas? I guess it would be cosiness, family gatherings and comfort. But even in a homely setting a woman should look beautiful and elegant. The main thing is for the clothing she wears to create inner comfort, cosiness and comfort. As it is said - “Get dressed and forget about what you wear!”. You may now relax, as wearing the right outfit would..

2018-12-10 11:52:43
New Year

It's time to start preparing for the New Year! You can't leave the dress for last minute, as it is such an important part of the night to remember. In 2019, Mistress of the New Year is the Yellow Earth Pig. And if you wish to follow the colour traditions during the New Year celebrations, colours to go for are yellow and it's shades, gold and champagne. The symbol of the next year, Yellow Earth Pig..

2018-12-09 16:55:10